Monday, August 15, 2016

Its Low Season, what to do on Koh Lipe?

Well actually for the 3th year in a row June, July and August have been nothing less than absolutely beautiful! The weather conditions were just perfect almost everyday. We have seen the most beautiful and content smiles on Guest's their faces this year again. We were just thinking it might have something to do with this scenic image we shot on the 1st of July 2016. The picture below is taken directly on Sunrise Beach in front of Lipe Beach Resort.

One of the all time favorite activities still remains, doing nothing all day but lazying around our Beach and the Elephant Beach Bar and Restaurant that Lipe Beach Resort operates.

The reason why we write this blog post about what to do in Koh Lipe during Low Season comes from the many questions we receive regarding this topic. And yes indeed, honestly there isn't as much to do on Koh Lipe during Low Season compared to High Season. Certain Bars, Restaurants, Resorts / Hotels / Hostels, Snorkeling spots in National Park, Dive Shops and Travel Agents will indeed be closed.

Lipe Beach Resort will be open all year round and from what we have understood more and more restaurants and bars will be open year round. We dont visit all of the bars and restaurants on Koh Lipe but the ones listed below we do :) and they will be open year round:
  1. Make sure you check out OMG! Sport Bar which is actually one of the places on Koh Lipe we have been recommending for years. P' O is a great host, his food is awesome and he always has a cool team of staff!

  2. If you are in Walking-street during evening hours Rainforest is another great bar to visit! Located right in the middle of Walkingstreet it is easy to find. They get pretty busy all year round and not without a reason. The staff is great, beer ice cold, cocktails stronger than on average, a not very extensive but very tasty menu and all that for very tolerable prices! Just like P' O from OMG P' Mang is great host as well.

  3. When you are looking for special cocktails and a variety of shooters go to Sawasdee Bar a really cool bar also located on Walking Street. It looks a bit like the typical Thai Reggae Bar but then version 2.0. P' Pom is a great host, his cocktails are considered beyond wonderful by many and most of the time they stay open until LATE :). They do however not serve any food.
Besides going out for drinks and food Koh Lipe offers pretty good diving during Low Season, the following Dive Schools are to our knowledge open year round:
  • Adang Sea Divers, located just a few minutes away from Lipe Beach Resort and your perfect stroll over the beach actually.
  • Satun Dive, also located just a few minutes away from Lipe Beach Resort and again your perfect stroll over the beach actually.
  • Forra Diving - Day Trips, located right next to Lipe Beach Resort .
Especially on the Scuba Diving on Koh Lipe subject we get a lot of questions with the most popular one being "Which Dive School do you recommend?" and our feedback will always be NONE. You should really put a bit of time and effort in finding the right one yourself. That said, we would go diving with those 3 shops listed above any given sunny day :).

And again there is so much more you can do, snorkeling off the beach on your own or take out a Kayak. Go to Koh Adang and climb all the way up to viewpoint 3, walk to Sunset Beach and hang out there for a few hours.

One should always keep in mind that Koh Lipe is also the perfect place for those who just wanna do nothing for a few days. And in that case we, at Lipe Beach Resort can most definitely assist you in that:

Did we miss out on mentioning any cool things-to-do, good restaurants & bar's, dive shop and so forth? Feel free to comment below. For questions regarding reservations etc kindly email us at and we will get back to you asap!

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